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Embroidery Specials

Light PolyPro Performance Backing 7 1/2" x 6" 500 pack
Regular Price: $21.98
On Sale For: $8.98 

Coats V-15 Polyester Continuous Filament Bobbin Size L
Regular Price: $48.25
On Sale For: $39.99 

Stretch Master Cutaway Backing 6" x 6" Precut Squares 250/pack
Regular Price: $13.31
On Sale For: $8.99 

Light PolyPro Black Performance Backing 6" x 6" 500 pack
Regular Price: $19.96
On Sale For: $8.49 

Coats American White Spun Polyester Bobbins Size L
Regular Price: $41.00
On Sale For: $32.00 

Blow Off Non-Flammable Air (8 oz.)
Regular Price: $6.35
On Sale For: $3.99 

Water Soluble Topping 7" X 7" 500 PACK
Regular Price: $33.93
On Sale For: $19.99 

3.5" Stitch Cutting Scissors with Thread Notch
Regular Price: $3.75
On Sale For: $2.19 

Disappearing Ink Marker
Regular Price: $3.25
On Sale For: $1.99 

Medium Soft Tearaway 6" x 6" 500 pack
Regular Price: $16.76
On Sale For: $6.00 

4" Curved Blade, Sharp Point Embroidery Scissors
Regular Price: $24.77
On Sale For: $18.99 

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