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5 Beginner Embroidery Tools

The funnest thing about starting a new hobby is getting new tools to use, right?! And when you look at all the embroidery supplies we have on our website, it can be overwhelming. Even if you’re no stranger to embroidery! And maybe you have an overstocked craft room that you need to streamline. Regardless, we’re going to narrow down the top five embroidery tools that you must have so it may tell you what to purchase, if you’re new to embroidering, or what you don’t need in your current stockpile if you’re an embroidery veteran.

Three Needles
For beginners, the best types of needles to have are:

  • The crewel needle, which is sharp-tipped and has a medium-long eye which is just a bit larger than the shaft of the needle. It’s a basic needle with a long eye that accommodates embroidery thread and the sharp needle pierces tightly woven fabric easily. They come in sizes one through 12 (size one is the largest, 12 is the smallest)
  • A tapestry needle has a shorter shaft than a crewel needle and has a blunter tip. It also has a much larger eye. The blunt tip cannot pierce fabric, so it’s best used in a counted cross stitch and needlepoint because it’ll breeze through open holes in the weave of a fabric. They come in sizes 13 to 28 (size 13 is the largest, 28 is the smallest)
  • The milliner needle has a very long shaft, a sharp tip, and an almost-round eye. The milliner needle is perfect for French or bullion knots because the eye and the shaft of the needle are the same size. They come in sizes one through 12 (size one is the largest, 12 is the smallest).

An Embroidery Hoop
The embroidery hoop will keep your fabric smooth and taut while you’re working on it, so it doesn’t pucker or distort your design! If you’re an embroidery pro, you may not need a hoop. But for beginners they can help your embroidery look its best. There are a few types of hoops and if you’re just beginning you may want to start with a plastic hoop. Eventually though, it’ll be worth it to invest in a good wooden one with sturdy brass hardware that allows you to tighten it with a screwdriver.

An Embroidery Frame
An embroidery frame will also hold your fabric while you’re stitching a project. There are many different types of frames, such as: stretcher bar frames, slate frames, scroll frames, and more. The hoop is less expensive and more portable, but if you have specific needs for your embroidery there is bound to be a frame out there to help you.

Embroidery Scissors
While you’re beginning, you may try and get by using your normal household scissors, but that won’t work for long! Embroidery scissors are different, even from your craft scissors, because they have smaller and thinner blades. Because they’re so small, they’re able to come close to the ground of the embroidery and cut threads cleanly without messing up anything else. Embroidery scissors come in many sizes and types to satisfy every embroidery need!

Good Lighting & Magnification
When you’re focusing on tiny threads and sections of a design, you need good light to prevent any headaches or confusion. You also don’t want to be embroidering black shoes on Santa, only to later realize that you used navy! Also, if you don’t have great vision, you don’t have to miss out on embroidering. A magnifier can make it easy to see the tiny details that your eyes may not catch on their own. You can find great lighting and magnifying options in our store.

There you have it! That’s our top five list of embroidery supplies
(not including fabric or thread, of course!)

List your essentials in the comments below and compare your list with ours.

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