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5 Tips for Flawless Fleece Embroidery

As the temperature is dropping outside, you are probably looking for ways to stay warm and cozy indoors. And what better way than to wrap yourself in cozy fleece!

Fleece is an accessible and affordable fabric that says “comfort” like nothing else, besides maybe a roaring fire and cup of hot cocoa. But until we figure out how to craft with fire and cocoa, we will stick with fleece embroidery!

Embroidering fleece can be a little more complicated than your run-of-the-mill cotton project. But fear no more! Our guide to fleece embroidery will get you on your way to monogrammed warmth in no time!

Fleece Embroidery Dog Blanket

And with our guide, you can monogram everything from fleece blankets to fleece jackets. Whether it’s for a family or friend’s gift or for your favorite pup, a beautiful embroidery will add the perfect, personal touch!

Fleece Embroidery 101

1. Choosing the Materials

Did you know fleece was originally designed to mimic wool? But unlike wool, fleece is made to have more stretch and “give.” To test the quality of fleece, simply stretch it. If it snaps back into place, it is good fleece. If it is slow to respond, or goes out of shape, leave it on the shelf. It is also important to note that there are degrees of thickness in the fleece world, ranging from micro to 300 (the thickest).

In addition to purchasing fleece, also get some 40 weight Polyester or silk embroidery thread that won’t fade after washing (this is especially important if you are embroidering a fleece blanket or jacket, which will be washed often).
(For more information on choosing the correct materials and fabric for all of your projects, check out our new Embroiderer’s Compass!) 

2. The Design Matters

Choose a design that has a lot of open space, like an outline or a monogram. Densely embroidered designs don’t show up as well on fleece as they do on cotton, because the threads can easily disappear in the deep nap of the fleece.

3. Have Back-Up

Pick a stabilizer for the back of your project that matches the weight of your fleece: thin to medium for lighter weight fleece, medium to heavy weight for thicker fleece. Because fleece can stretch and distort the design during embroidery, consider attaching the stabilizer to the fleece using a spray adhesive.

Fleece Jacket

4. Keep up the Tension

Because of its deep nap, fleece is notorious for messing with the tension of an embroidery machine. Keep an eye on the tension. You will probably need to adjust it several times while making your project.

5. The Finished Piece

After the design is finished, remove your project and either wash it to remove the impression marks left in the fabric by the hoop, or simply wet a washcloth and dab the fabric and allow to dry before using.

Congratulations! You have a beautiful embroidered fleece blanket, jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, pillow…well, the possibilities are endless! Enjoy the warmth of a job well done!

Share your fleece embroidery tips with us in the comments below!

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