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The Product You’ve Been Waiting For…Applique Scissors!

Okay, so you probably haven’t been waiting for it, per se, but it sure is going to make your applique embroidery easier!

applique scissors

Applique scissors, AKA Duck Bill or Pelican scissors, are a must have for any home or commercial embroidery endeavor. Sure, they look goofy, but let’s go over how they work!

Product Feature: Applique Scissors

Incorporating applique into your embroidery design is a great way to add a pop of color, texture, and dimension. But anyone that has attempted applique knows that the quality of your design all depends on getting a close trim to remove the excess fabric after completing the outline embroidery.

Regular embroidery scissors can be successful in getting a close trim, but you run the risk of accidentally slicing into the base fabric or applique if you aren’t careful. An unintended cut can ruin your project and force you to start over. Talk about a waste of time, effort, and supplies! Therefore, embroidery novices and experts alike turn to applique scissors to get the job done.

applique scissors

These scissors offer a close trim, due to the flat blade which glides along the underside of the fabric as you slice through the top.

The “duck bill” blade on the bottom pushes down the base fabric on the bottom to prevent any unwanted cuts.

The sharp blade only cuts the top layer of fabric while avoiding the base!

That means you can safely cut your applique without having to worry about ruining the base fabric and having to start over.

The sharpness of the blade assures a precise cut so your applique turns out exactly how you envisioned the design in your head. These scissors also allow you to see exactly where you are chopping so you don’t make any unintended cuts!

applique scissors

Check out our top-of-the-line stainless steel applique scissors available in both right and left handed models! If you’ve been trying to use right hand scissors for your applique for too long, it’s time you made the switch and made your life easier with left hand scissors. Watch the video below to see them in action!

Share your tips below on how to applique like a boss!

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