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1. Print a template(s)of your embroidery design so you can plan the embroidery layout. Place it on the item (garment, home décor, craft or quilt) and critique its placement and size.2. Build a test stash.Keep a test polo shirt, stretchy t-shirt, terry cloth towel and common items that you embroider on all the time in your test stash. Use this resource when testing a design for a final project. Fill every available inch with test designs then toss it Read More...

Multi-Needle: Basic Threading

This week we cover Basic Threading Techniques.Hmm…what color thread goes on what pin? On the Baby Lock Enterprise and the Brother Entrepreneur®, you’ll see an LED light under each thread pin. Use the LED lights as a guide, selecting a matching spool of thread for that pin.  Just like embroidering with a single needle machine, you can easily reassign a color to any portion of a design.If they’re not already in position, slide a spool mat (a black foam Read More...

Embroidery Miracle!

Need an Embroidery Miracle? Then you need friends in high places! Where do you turn when you need a solution to an embroidery dilemma? It started innocently enough with “Honey, can you embroider my name and phone number on this strap?” I naively responded, “Oh sure, I’ll bet it’ll be an easy thing to do.” Then he hands over the ‘harmless’ strap. From afar, it looked like camo canvas maybe camo neoprene. But once in my hand, my knees began Read More...


I love embroidered bed linens. They are such a treat to slide between as you end a long day. Here are some tips for stitching gorgeous machine embroidery designs on sheets. Tips for SuccessTake the time to prepare the design and the sheets. It’s well worth the effort. Purchase an extra pillowcase to test the design before stitching on the sheets. Open the band before embroidering to hide the wrong side of the embroidery. My stabilizer of choice for Read More...

Testing Tension on your Multi-Needle!

Bobbins Refer to your machine’s manual to determine the correct size bobbin for your machine. Do not guess here – follow the manual’s instructions. Most multi-needle machines do not come with a bobbin winder so purchasing pre-wounds in the correct size is a must. The bobbin slides into the bobbin case just like it does on many single needle machines.Hold the bobbin case in your left hand and slip the bobbin (with the bobbin thread winding off the bobbin clockwise) Read More...

Cleaning Upper Thread Path / Multi-Needle-Machine

Just like lampshades and overhead fans at home, your multi-needle machine deserves to be dust-free. It will sparkle and perform at its very best if you keep the upper thread path clean. Set aside 45 minutes to an hour to give it the full spa treatment.Start by unthreading all ten needles. Slip the bristles of the small brush that comes with your machine under the upper thread guide to remove any lint. Clean the thread guide behind the tension discs.Take Read More...