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Why You Should Avoid Using Cheap Embroidery Supplies for Your Business

Starting an embroidery business can be challenging, especially when it comes to handling the upfront costs. Keeping plenty of embroidery supplies on hand will prevent you from getting behind on orders, especially once your business starts to grow!

cheap embroidery supplies

Are cheap embroidery supplies worth the cost?

Let’s face it, minimizing costs in order to maximize profits is a major focus for almost every business, no matter the size or scope. It’s tempting to cut costs by opting for cheaper, lower quality embroidery supplies, but is it really worth it?

The reality is, those cheap materials could be costing you more in the long run. Below we’ve listed some of the benefits of budgeting for higher quality embroidery supplies.

  • High quality embroidery thread such as Robison-Anton embroidery thread will mean fewer thread breaks as well as less fading, color bleed, and stretching.


  • Cheap embroidery thread is also more prone to thread shredding and stripping, especially if you are using an embroidery machine.


  • Lower quality fabric can make it more difficult to prevent sagging, stretching, and fabric puckering when you stitch.


  • It’s much easier to get a clean, professional finish in any project if you’re willing to invest in higher quality materials overall.


  • Remember, customers look for quality – they would rather pay a little more for something that’s high quality and guaranteed to last!

Before you decide to switch out embroidery suppliers for the cheaper option, consider the idea that cutting costs will almost always mean sacrificing quality. This could lead to having to spend extra time and supplies remaking products to satisfy a disgruntled customer, or risking losing that customer completely.

The Embroidery Store offer quality supplies for your embroidery business. We offer a wide range of embroidery supplies, from needles and thread to hooping systems, backings and toppings, and much more. Click here to view our online store!

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