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Bad Machine Embroidery Habits Killing the Quality of Your Designs

While you may think machine embroidery focuses solely on the machine’s process, you shouldn’t ignore the part you play in it. If you want a truly professional design, especially if you run a home-based embroidery business, then we have a few bad habits you may need to break to produce high quality machine embroidery. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easier than hand embroidering. While it is faster, without a doubt, you may sacrifice quality by trying to produce multiple embroideries too quickly.

These common bad habits could cost you the quality of your embroidery…

Avoiding Machine Embroidery Maintenance

When you don’t have a professional check on your embroidery / sewing machine periodically. It’s MUCH cheaper to maintain your current machine than it is replace it when something goes wrong. And by having it checked by a professional on a regular basis, you are preventing a small problem which could be easily repaired and kept from becoming a huge problem which causes your machine to unexpectedly breakdown. If you depend on this machine for your livelihood, you must have it checked so you don’t disappoint customers when you can’t make a deadline because your machine suddenly stopped working.

Overusing Temporary Embroidery Spray Adhesives (TESAs)

These products are GREAT but if you use them too often they can accumulate in your sewing machine. Don’t use them on a project unless you absolutely need to and don’t use too much on a specific project either. Once the adhesive gums up your needle you will experience thread breakages more often or worse problems with your embroidery machine.

Using Cheap Embroidery Supplies

If you want your final embroidery product to look high quality and professional, you can’t use cheap supplies to create it. Not only that, but cheap threads can shred, shed and bleed or fade after a wash. With most embroidery projects you need a variety of needles, threads, and stabilizers. So you can’t just settle on the cheapest option without compromising the quality of your embroidery projects and even the quality of your embroidery machine.

Stitching at the Highest Machine Speed

While you may choose to use machine embroidery over hand embroidery because it’s faster, you shouldn’t always push your machine to embroider every design and fabric at the highest speed possible. The faster you tell your machine to sew, the more friction there is on the thread. This can cause the thread to shred. The speed also creates tension on the thread, which can result in puckers in your embroidery. And we all hate puckers!

Do you have one of these bad habits? Or have you worked through some of these bad habits? Tell us how you did in the comments below!

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