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4 Things To Consider Before Buying an Embroidery Machine

Buying A New Embroidery Machine

Whether you’re buying your first embroidery machine or just upgrading from your current one, there are a few things to consider when choosing what machine would be best for you. Most of these considerations are based on your opinion or your specific embroidery goals, but we can still help you decide what machine would best best for you.


When shopping for a new embroidery machine, consider:


1. What brand is the best in your price range?

Of course, any brand embroidery machine you get will likely be a great machine. But it’s important to consider different brands and do research to learn the pros and cons of each. Then decide which one aligns with your goals and what you want from an embroidery machine


2. How will you use the machine?

Is this going to be a machine to satisfy your embroidering hobby, or do you plan to start a business with this machine? Some machines are built specifically for mass production, so if you plan on starting a business, a commercial machines might be worth the investment.


3. What do you need on your machine to meet your embroidery goals?

Think about what you want to create with your embroidery machine and what tools and features you will need to accomplish those goals. Then, once you’ve narrowed down a few different brand machines, go through your checklist and make sure each one has features that you want. Features like automatic thread cutting, pressure sensor, needle threader, etc.


4. Do you need the embroidery unit to be separate from the sewing machine?

This will depend on if you want a machine that you can use for sewing and quilting in addition to embroidering. If you’re just learning to embroider you may not want to invest as much in a multi-tasking machine, but you may want to expand into sewing and quilting once you start embroidering.

Once you’ve decided what your price range is, what brand you would prefer, and what you need the machine to be able to do, then you can really narrow down that list of embroidery machines.


Do you have any other criteria that you use when
purchasing a new machine?

Tell us in the comments below!

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