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Category Archives: Embroidery Trends

Embroidery Threads: High Quality vs. High Cost

Whether you’re adding a monogram to a sweatshirt or embroidering a design on a bag, you may be tempted to save some money and get a cheaper thread, but this mistake can be costly in the long-run and isn’t fair to your customers. Read More...

6 Winter Embroidery Accessories to Add to Your Product Listings

Is your embroidery business experiencing “growing pains”? If you’ve already been through this, what’s one piece of advice you would give to a business owner in that position? Read More...

Guest Post by Nu expression: Selling Your Embroidery on Social Media

In this guest post, learn some social media best practices from a content marketing team! Read More...

Embroidery Design Features of the Month: Beating the Winter Blues

Feeling down and out during this icy January weather? Here’s our monthly collection of Instagram features to get you back in the spirit of creating! Read More...

Embroidery Features of the Month: Happy Holidays!

Get some holiday inspiration with our embroidery design features of the month! Read More...