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Embroider Buddies: Precious Easter Gift Ideas!

Easter is a time for celebration in the gorgeous springtime sun! Giving gifts on Easter is a long standing tradition that kids and adults alike both love. Easter’s coming up fast on April 16th. Not sure what to get the special people in your life? We’ve got your back! Here’s a compilation of some personalized embroidery projects you can give out as gifts to wow your friends and family this Easter.

Easter Gift Ideas


We know that Easter baskets are the traditional way to present gifts on Easter. But consider an embroider-able option! We have stockings in pretty Spring colors like pink and blue for the your little boy or girl. While stockings might remind you of Christmas, think of all the potential here. You can add cute designs like eggs, bunnies, and flowers for festive designs. With a blank slate like a stocking, you can embroider as much or as little as you please and create a truly one-of-a-kind gift!

Easter Gift Ideas

Precious Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny brings colorful eggs, candies, and gifts to kids on this special day! An embroidered Easter Bunny is the perfect gift for Easter. These soft, snuggly Embroider Buddies are designed for machine embroidery. The stuffing is packaged and easy to remove through the zipper on your bunny’s back, so it’ll fit perfectly on your hoop! Add an Easter themed message or simply add your little one’s name for a personalized toy they’ll love! Make this Easter more memorable with a bunny friend made just for your child.

Easter Gift Ideas


A pillow is a simple gift and it’s easy to add any design on it! Great for older kids or adults who you want to show your Easter appreciation for. Like our other spotlight items, we’re highlighting pastel pink and blue, great Spring season colors. Pillows are great for messages, monograms, initials, and names. You can also create cute decorative Easter designs for a festive throw that you can break back out every year!

Animal Blankey

If your baby is a little too young for a full sized Embroidery Buddy, we have embroider-able blankets for the tiny tots. Though we don’t have a bunny design, we’ve picked out a few Blankey Buddies who still have some Easter flair! You can pick out a classic teddy in springy colors, or lambs are also a great symbol for Easter and spring time. These soft blankets with cute animal faces will never leave your child’s side! Customize them with an Easter phrase and they’re perfect for the special day.

Easter will be here before you know it! Order your Embroider Buddies and get to stitching NOW!

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