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Obsessed with April? Embroider These Adorable Giraffes!

Are you crazy about April the giraffe? Have you been watching every second of the live stream? Always keeping that tab open, even from your work computer?! You’re definitely not alone!

The craze for April has swept across the country and the world. Millions of people have tuned into Animal Adventure Park’s live stream, waiting for the giraffe mother to give birth to her new calf.

If you’re looking for a giraffe-themed gift to commemorate the birth of April’s soon-to-be bundle of joy, look no further!

If you have an embroidery machine, we have adorable, customizable giraffe plushies that will please every April-obsessed livestream watcher in your life. You can embroider these little guys with the baby’s name and date of birth when the big day finally comes.

But hurry – it could be any second now! That’s why we’re bringing you adorable gifts that are designed specifically for embroidering custom messages.

Choose the little friend you want to embroider below:

This adorable little plush is perfect for customizing a gift for anyone who has been following every April update. He comes with removable stuffing, so you can fit him easily onto your embroidery hoop. His belly comes completely blank, so it’s up to you what you want to embroider! We recommend April’s little calf’s name and date of birth, when we find out what that will be.

Blankey Buddy Giraffe

If you have your own little one who may not quite be old enough for a full size plush, this snuggly blanket is absolutely perfect. You can machine embroider anything you want straight onto this blanket. Make it your own with an April-themed design. And look at that little heart! How cute can you get!?

Just like Googie Giraffe, Gerry has removable stuffing pods that make machine embroidery a breeze. If you have been totally caught up in the April trend, you and your friends won’t want to forget how much fun you had waiting for her to have her baby. When that day finally comes, quickly stitch the time and date and preserve that memory forever!

So, have you decided what you’re going to embroider? Place your order! Then quickly get back to that live stream, and be ready to start stitching when the baby comes! (Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been waiting forever?)

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