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What Level Embroidery Machine You Need for Personal Use

What Level Embroidery Machine You Need for Personal Use

Do you love to embroider Christmas gifts and your own pillows but dread the idea of stitching numbers into baseball uniforms or monograms onto tote bags? Then you’re definitely a hobbyist when it comes to embroidery. If you have no intentions of opening your own embroidery business but you still want to use a machine for your stitches to get them done a little faster, we’ve got some tips for you! Today we’re telling you what to look for in an Embroidery Machine for personal use.

This way you don’t get bogged down by the new features that are more geared toward home-based or other embroidery businesses.

First of all, embroidery machines have been around since 1980 – in fact, the first digitized patterns were saved on FLOPPY DISKS. Remember those?!

We’ll get more into detail on the history of embroidery machines in a future post though.


Different Levels of Embroidery Machines

There are four different levels of embroidery machines: entry-level, intermediate-level, mid-level, and advanced-level.


  • Entry-Level Embroidery Machines
    They’re the easiest to use and are often a combination of a sewing and embroidery machine, which can save you money if you’re interested in both sewing and embroidering.When you’re choosing between different entry-level machines you should consider the embroidery machine controls. Look at them to make sure it’s something you’ll be able to use and understand. Some machine controls can look like a music producer’s soundboard and others have user-friendly, intuitive LED screen controls. You can sometimes even request a demonstration of an embroidery machine to see the controls in action!


  • Intermediate-Level Embroidery Machines
    These often have the same capabilities of the entry-level machines, but they also have a few more bonuses! They have more designs preloaded and many can also interface with your personal computer to add designs from the internet to the library of embroidery designs.


  • Mid-Level Embroidery Machines
    As we move up, some of the mid-level machines will embroider larger patterns. These machines can also interface with a personal computer but are more versatile in the size of the patterns they can produce.


  • Advanced-Level Embroidery Machine
    These higher-end machines come with significantly more preloaded designs than machines of lower levels, they can embroider designs up to 7” x 12” inches, and can stitch at up to 650 stitches per minute. Advanced-level machines also offer multiple needles to increase the versatility of the machine.


When you’re embroidering simply for personal use, you may not need the size versatility of the advanced-level machines, but you still want the capability to increase your pattern library using an intermediate-level (or above) machine. Consider whether your hobby could turn into a business or decide if you’re definitely NOT interested in expanding your skills into a home-based business.

Then choose a level of embroidery machine that will meet your needs!

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