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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Embroidery

The season for embroidering winter scarves is over: it’s time to break out your creative spring self and start embroidering with this year’s fashion trends in mind. We’ve got the deets on what trends you’ll be seeing on the rack this season, and how you can use your embroidery skills to make a statement!

Craft Meets Fashion with These 5 Tips!


1. Bohemian Pinstripes

fashion trends

In what can best be described as “Wall Street Meets Hipster,” this year you will see a mix of pinstripes and boho. This blend of serious and fun will bring new meaning to the phrase “business casual”!

Embroider It!  

Find a pinstriped blazer or button-up, and add some embroidered sass! Cover the shoulder in a waterfall of colorful flowers, or embroider a colorful design on the pocket.


2. Shirt Dresses

fashion trends

We can’t be the only ones who are thrilled to see that shirt dresses are still in! This year you will see the clothing aisles filled with white, gauzy shirt dresses, perfect for the warmer days ahead.

Embroider It!

The key here is light embroidery, as you don’t want to weigh down the lightness of the fabric with an overbearing design. Stick with outlines and borders on the bottom seam or sleeves of a flowy shirt dress to make it pop.


3. Statement Earrings

fashion trends



Earrings are big this year…literally! Go big this spring with earrings that catch the eye, especially with bright colors and interesting textures.

Embroider It!

It’s time to get extra crafty and make your own embroidered earrings! Check out this guide to making your own statement earrings on your embroidery machine!


4. Wide wrap belts

fashion trends

This accessory is a spin on the wide belts we’ve been seeing the past few years, but this time there is even more fabric to go around! Get ready for long fabric belts to wrap around, cinching the waist on your shirt dresses.

Embroider It!

We love these belts because they are just made to be embroidered! Go crazy with these wrap belts, testing out designs to match your favorite outfits.


5. Supersized bags

fashion trends

Gone are the days of tiny handbags, and welcome in a new era of supersized bags!

This season you will see more convertible backpacks/shoulder bags and sack-like purses to carry all of the essentials, and then some!

Embroider It!

These bags are perfect for big, detailed designs that need extra space. Dream big and embroider bigger on these bags. Stick with sturdy cotton or canvas, or maybe even venture into leather embroidery!

What are your fashion embroidery tips? Tell us in the comments below!

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