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Everything You Need to Know About Embroidery Hoops

With so many options out there, choosing the right embroidery hoop for your project can be a bit confusing. In this blog post, we’ll cover the most common types of embroidery hoops and how to pick the best one for you!

Are embroidery hoops necessary for hand embroidery?

Embroidery hoops aren’t necessary for people who embroider by hand, but they are very helpful. Stretching the fabric and holding it in place prevents the fabric from puckering between stitches, which is a common challenge for people who don’t use hoops.

Types of Embroidery Hoops

There are many different types of embroidery hoops, and each one is designed for a different material or project. They’re even great for other fun DIY projects!

Hand-held hoops vary in size, usually 4”-12” in diameter. Lightweight and portable, these hoops are the most affordable and are practical for smaller projects.

Quilting hoops are usually 12” in diameter or larger and are used for hand quilting projects.

Spring tension hoops are made of two plastic rings with a metal spring adjustment, and are available in a variety of sizes. Like the hand-held, these are light and portable, but will not leave marks or creases on your fabric.

Machine embroidery hoops attach to your embroidery machine to prevent fabric bunching. Be sure to always use a stabilizer, and purchase the hoop that’s designated for your machine.

Stand hoops are useful for a variety of projects, including larger blankets and quilts. Most stands will have an adjustable height and allow the hoop to pivot to fit your preferences.

Embroidery Hoop Shapes

Embroidery hoops are typically found in three shapes.

Circular embroidery hoops are by far the most common, as they’re the easiest to hold and work with.

Oval shaped embroidery hoops are used for wider projects and quilting, and come in limited sizes.

Square embroidery hoops are more commonly used for machine embroidery.

Embroidery Hoop Sizes

Embroidery hoops are available in a variety of sizes. Typically, a 5”-7” diameter hoop is perfect for everyday embroidery. If you’re working with thinner fabrics, such as linen, that are more likely to bow during stitching, a smaller hoop is the better choice to maintain better surface tension, while thicker fabrics may need a larger hoop so you can get the surface diameter you need.

embroidery hoops

No matter what embroidery hoop you choose, don’t forget to pick the one that is right for your product. There aren’t any rules to picking an embroidery hoop, so go with what works best for you! The Embroidery Store offers a range of hoops, hooping systems, and other embroidery supplies at a great price!

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