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Product Feature: PolyPro Performance Stabilizer

Embroidering lightweight stretchy fabric can be almost impossible to get right. Even if your design looks perfect on other types of knits, it may appear distorted, puckered, or have outlines off track when embroidered on specialty performance knits

PolyPro Performance Stabilizer is your solution. This speciality embroidery backing will ensure that your designs on stretchy fabric look flawless. They will keep your design flat and smooth, while still being comfortable for the wearer.

Do you want to embroider a team logo or monogram onto your son’s baseball jersey? Or maybe personalize your daughter’s volleyball uniform so she feels confident during her game? Choose PolyPro Performance Stabilizer.

This backing is perfect for high stitch count designs. Even your most detailed designs with complicated outlines will turn out just the way you envision on the stretchiest fabrics with Poly Pro Performance Stabilizer.

Cut out the guesswork of trying to stretch your design the right amount on your hoop. On PolyPro Performance Stabilizer, you don’t need to stretch your fabric at all. Leave it in a relaxed position for the best results.

Two of the most common fabrics that embroiderers have trouble with because of their stretchiness are lycra spandex, and moisture wicking technical fabric. Both of these fabrics are perfect with PolyPro Performance stabilizer.

Spandex is a well known fabric that is often used in activewear. But you may be asking yourself…

PolyPro Performance Embroidery Stabilizer for Moisture Wicking Fabric

What is moisture wicking technical fabric?

Moisture wicking is a type of fabric designed to move the moisture from your skin to the outside of the garment. This technology allows your body temperature to stay regulated while keeping you dry. Moisture wicking fabric is ideal for activewear. Synthetic fibers like polyester are commonly used for moisture wicking, along with certain cottons and merino wool. Like spandex, these fabric can be notably stretchy and therefore difficult to accurately embroider.

Now that you know a little more about embroidering on stretchy fabric, are you ready to get started? Check out this video where our Deborah Jones will show you the basics behind PolyPro Performance Stabilizer:

To recap, here are some of our tips on how to pull off the perfect design on stretchy fabric with PolyPro Performance Stabilizer:

  • Use the smallest hoop you have
  • Make sure your PolyPro Performance Stabilizer is larger than the hoop
  • Don’t recess your hoop, leave the hoop parts level
  • Trim away your PolyPro Performance Stabilizer as you would with any other cutaway backing

Grab your PolyPro Performance Embroidery Stabilizer

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