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Adhesive Sew ‘N Wash

Adhesive Sew 'N Wash

Soft, stable mesh designed to dissolve easily in water. Use to embroider on open weave materials or when no stabilizer should remain. Remove the protective paper covering to expose a self-adhesive surface.

Fuse So Soft

Fuse So Soft

A lightweight tricot with a permanent fusible coating on one side.  Apply as a covering on the back of completed embroidery for a soft feel against the skin.

Sew ‘N Heat

Sew 'N Heat

A clear stabilizer that may be used as a backing or topping.  Use as a topping for water-sensitive fabrics.  Ideal as a backing for sheer materials without stabilizer show-through.

Sew ‘N Wash

Sew 'N Wash

Soft, stable fabric designed to dissolve easily in water.  Use as a base to embroider lace or freestanding embroidery.

E-Z Tear

E-Z Tear

Medium weight perforated tear-away that is flame retardant, making it ideal for children’s wear.

Fuse ‘N Stick

Fuse 'N Stick

A unique adhesive stabilizer that is used for applique.

Fuse ‘N Tear

Fuse 'N Tear

Add firmness to lightweight stable materials with this firm, crisp, fusible tearaway.  Apply to the reverse side of fabric with household iron on medium heat setting.  Tears neatly around stitching.

Peel ‘N Stick

Peel 'N Stick

Tear ‘N Wash

Tear 'N Wash

Medium weight tear-away stabilizer specifically-designed to dissolve when the item is washed.  Ideal for towels, chair backs, napkins or linens where the back side of the embroidery is visible.