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General Embroidery Supplies

  • No Fray Spray (13 oz) Sale!
    $10.35 $8.28

    No Fray Spray (13 oz)

    No Fray Spray was created to help productivity in the sewing trades. Prevents unraveling fabric edges and thread slippage. Fast drying. (13 oz.)

  • Silicone Spray (11 oz) Sale!
    $11.00 $8.80

    Silicone Spray (11 oz)

    Silicone Spray – Speeds fabric flow. Dry, non-staining, can be used on thread. Reduces friction. (11 oz.)

  • 6" Deluxe Bent Tweezers Sale!
    $2.00 $1.60

    6″ Deluxe Bent Tweezers

    Surgical precision points. Forged stainless steel. Picks up the finest threads.

  • 6" Straight Tweezers Sale!
    $2.00 $1.60

    6″ Straight Tweezers

    Stainless steel 6 inch straight tweezers. Precision points for pinpoint accuracy.

  • 4.5" Self-Locking Tweezers Sale!
    $2.50 $2.00

    4.5″ Self-Locking Tweezers

    Self-locking 4-1/2″ tweezers. Stainless steel.

  • Gingher 6" Scissor-Type Clamping Tweezers Sale!
    $5.55 $4.44

    Gingher 6″ Scissor-Type Clamping Tweezers

    6″ Scissor-Type Clamping Tweezers from Gingher frees up your hand when clamping a needle, small parts, or materials. Sure-grip ribbed point. Firm lock holds tight. Stainless steel construction.

  • 5.5" Large Seam Ripper Sale!
    $1.50 $1.20

    5.5″ Large Seam Ripper

    It’s easy to remove stitches in fabric using this large flat-handled seam ripper with safety ball. Surgical steel. 5.5″ long.

  • Fiberglass Tape Measure Sale!
    $1.00 $0.80

    Fiberglass Tape Measure

    Fiberglass material, brass tips, 60″ on one side and 105cm on the other.

  • Handy Accessories Kit Sale!
    $33.50 $26.80

    Handy Accessories Kit

    Includes one of each: Cleaning Brush, Seam Ripper, 5″ Tweezer, Hollow Needle Oiler (Refillable), 6″ Stainless Steel Pocket Ruler (includes metric & inch measurements), and a Thread Tension Gauge

  • Cleaning Brush Sale!
    $1.00 $0.80

    Cleaning Brush

    Stiff bristles on one side and soft on the other. Helps clean in hard-to-reach areas.

  • Monogram Seam Ripper Sale!
    $1.00 $0.80

    Monogram Seam Ripper

    Easy to remove stitches from fabric. Safety ball. Ideal for small, delicate work.

  • Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper Sale!
    $8.75 $7.00

    Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper

    Rip stitches with ease using this Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper. Equipped with a stainless steel screw lock handle and a plastic safety cover. Includes four replaceable blades.

  • Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper Replacement Blades (Pack of 6) Sale!
    $7.25 $5.80

    Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper Replacement Blades (Pack of 6)

    Six replacement blades for Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper (Item #B11025)

  • Peggy's Stitch Eraser 3 Sale!
    $79.99 $63.99

    Peggy’s Stitch Eraser 3

    Peggy’s Stitch Eraser is an easy-to-use, time-saving stitch eraser tool that removes embroidery mistakes and unwanted stitches quickly and easily. The unit comes with clipper oil, a cleaning brush, and detailed instructions. It is 110 volts, uses very little energy and provides a consistent flow of power for precision stitch removal.

  • Peggy's Stitch Eraser 3 Replacement Blade Sale!
    $20.00 $16.00

    Peggy’s Stitch Eraser 3/8c Replacement Blades

    Peggy’s Stitch Eraser 3/8c Replacement Blades

    Is your Peggy’s Stitch Eraser just not performing like it used to? Bring life back to it with the manufacturer original replacement blades. Fits Peggy’s Stitch Eraser 3 and Peggy’s Stitch Eraser 8c.

  • 7 inch Ruler (18 cm) Sale!
    $1.00 $0.80

    7 inch Ruler (18 cm)

    7″ (18cm) plastic ruler with both inch and centimeter measurements.

  • 6 inch Stainless Steel Pocket Ruler (15mm) Sale!
    $3.50 $2.80

    6 inch Stainless Steel Pocket Ruler (15mm)

    6″ Stainless Steel Pocket Ruler. Metric and inch measurements are etched in sturdy stainless steel. Pocket clip keeps ruler handy.

  • 16" Plastic Centering Ruler Sale!
    $1.00 $0.80

    16″ Plastic Centering Ruler

    16″ Plastic Centering Ruler. The perfect tool for centering your embroidery or monogram. “0” in the center for easy start position.

  • 4" Magnetized Flathead Screwdriver Sale!
    $1.60 $1.28

    4″ Magnetized Flathead Screwdriver

    4″ Magnetized Screwdriver. This handy-sized 4″ screwdriver has a high-impact handle and a magnetic tip. Great for removing or replacing miniature screws in tight places, such as bobbin cases and sewing hooks.

  • 5" Trimming Tweezers Sale!
    $1.75 $1.40

    5″ Trimming Tweezers

    Tapered points on these trimming tweezers aid in pulling threads from unwanted stitches. 5″ in length, made of stainless steel.

  • Thread Tension Gauge Sale!
    $31.00 $24.80

    Thread Tension Gauge

    Stop guessing if your tension is correct! Use the only true method for finding your real thread tension. Thread tension gauge used to measure upper and lower thread tensions.

  • Bobbin Case Tension Gauge - Size L (Standard Size) Sale!
    $83.99 $67.19

    Bobbin Case Tension Gauge Size L (Standard Size)

    As with thread tension, knowing your true bobbin tension can help prevent headaches. There’s no need to guess when you can use a tension gauge. For size L bobbins only.

  • Bobbin Case Tension Gauge - Size M (Jumbo Size) Sale!
    $87.99 $70.39

    Bobbin Case Tension Gauge – Size M (Jumbo Size)

    As with thread tension, knowing your true bobbin tension can help prevent headaches. There’s no need to guess when you can use a tension gauge. For size M bobbins only.

  • Hollow Needle Oiler With Oil Sale!
    $3.75 $3.00

    Hollow Needle Oiler With Oil

    This refillable hollow needle oiler comes prefilled with machine oil and has a pocket clip and a precision tip for applying a small drop of oil exactly where you want it, especially in those difficult-to-reach areas. The container is leak proof and constructed of durable plastic.

  • Deluxe Plastic Oiler Sale!
    $4.25 $3.40

    Deluxe Plastic Oiler

    This Deluxe Plastic Oiler Holds 1/4 pint of oil, with a 4″ angled spout. Leakproof, durable plastic.

  • Precision Machine Oiler with Zoom-Spout Sale!
    $2.67 $2.14

    Precision Machine Oiler with Zoom-Spout

    (4 oz.) Clear and stainless – the perfect oil for use on all types of sewing equipment – embroidery, sewing, or serger machines. Unique telescopic zoom-spout reaches just about anywhere that needs oiling! Refill with Machine Oil (Item #B12030).

  • Emery Cord Sale!
    $15.25 $12.20

    Emery Cord

    This Emery Cord is used to sand out scratches in the throat plate hole or anywhere metal needs to be smoothed for thread to pass without snags. Coarse grit.

  • Crocus Cord #52C Sale!
    $18.81 $15.05

    Crocus Cord #52C

    Crocus Cord with Ultrafine grit for a final polished finish. Cleans burrs and rough spots from needles, hooks, and thread guides. #52C

  • Seam Grip Sale!
    $8.10 $6.48

    Seam Grip

    Seam Grip is designed for items that are waterproof or water resistant. Can be used on natural and synthetic fabrics, waterproof laminates, leather and vinyl to seal your finished embroidery. Seam Grip is waterproof, washable and unaffected by extreme cold or heat making it perfect for embroidered rainwear. Packaged in a 1 oz tube.

  • White Lithium Grease (13 oz) Sale!
    $9.99 $7.99

    White Lithium Grease (13 oz)

    White lithium grease is excellent for metal to metal or metal to plastic applications. It is specially formulated to spray on as a liquid and set up as a lubricating grease that won’t melt, run or wash off. (13 oz.).

  • Sale!
    $6.48 $5.18

    Blow Off Non-Flammable Duster (8 oz.)

    Blow -Off Non-Flammable Duster. 8 oz. compressed air, safe on electronics. Special buy!

  • Blow Off Non-Flammable Duster (10 oz) Sale!
    $8.27 $6.62

    Blow Off Non-Flammable Duster (10 oz)

    Blow Off Non-Flammable Duster cleans away dust in those hard to reach areas. Use to advance thread through tubes to thread tensioners. Non-flammable. 10 oz.

  • Sale!
    $3.25 $2.60

    Disappearing Ink Marker

    Temporary fabric dual tip marker. Colors will fade within 2-14 days or use the eraser end to make ink disappear instantly. (Always test a sample swatch of fabric first).

  • KK100 Adhesive Spray (18 oz) Sale!
    $19.25 $15.40

    KK100 Adhesive Spray (18 oz)

    KK100 Temporary adhesive spray – Great for holding backing in place for embroidery, applique, or tackle twill. (18 oz.)

  • Permanent Fine Point Pens - Set of 8 colors Sale!
    $26.50 $21.20

    Permanent Fine Point Pens – Set of 8 colors

    Cover those little mistakes, small gaps in the stitching, or bobbin pull-ups with this pack of eight pens. Permanent, waterproof, resistant to UV. Stand-up plastic case contains red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black.

  • über Halogen Sewing Light Sale!
    $79.95 $63.96

    UberLight 2000TL

    The UberLight 2000TL series light fixture uses 28 LEDs (light emitting diodes) and advanced circuitry to produce a natural bright light that is easy on the eyes and reproduces colors as they truly are.  LEDs are the most efficient and lowest cost to operate lighting available. The UberLight 2000TL is rated for up to 60,000 hours of use.


    • 90% energy efficient

    • 60% less heat

    • Reduce glare

    • No transformer required

    • Heavy-duty swivel joint

    • Moveable clamp

    • Instruction manual included


     This item is drop shipped from the manufacturer in Canada.  Please allow an additional 5-7 business days for shipping.

  • Sale!
    $79.95 $63.96

    Peggy’s Stitch Eraser 8c

    Peggy’s Stitch Eraser 8c is an easy-to-use, time-saving stitch eraser tool that removes embroidery mistakes and unwanted stitches quickly and easily.

    Features Include:

    Operation as corded or cordless device

    3.6 volt NmH Batteries (Nickel Metal Hydride)

    Extended usage between charges

    Eliminates out-of-reach electric outlets

    Low-voltage usage-an enhanced safety feature

    Recharges when in the “off” position

    Charging Light goes from red to green when fully charged

    Includes: Detachable Power cable/charger, User’s Guide, Warranty card, Brush and Oil

  • Sale!
    $12.99 $10.39

    Alba-5 Lubricant 6.8 oz.

    ALBA-5 LUBRICANT Precision Metered Oil Release will not drip or run.  100% Clear Lubricating Oil, great for Embroidery, Sewing and all textile machinery.  Applies a drop at a time!  The unique metering system sprays one drop of oil each time you depress the button. Using the extension tube, the oil goes exactly where you want it.  No excess oil is wasted. No stain causing drips.

  • Sale!
    $13.99 $11.19

    AlbaChem PSR II Powdered Dry Cleaning Fluid 12.5 oz.

    AlbaChem PSR II Powdered Dry Cleaning Fluid is exclusively for use on “Dry Clean Only” or S-coded fabric materials. AlbaChem PSR II is designed to easily remove oil and grease stains without harming delicate fibers.   It does not contain any chlorinated  solvents, and can be sold in California and all other VOC regulated States (CA, DC, IL, NH, CT, DE, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, and VA)   PSR II has a low odor, will not “ring” and dries quickly.  Use on silk, satin, cotton, wool, taffetas, polyester, blends and all other dry clean only fabrics. Lifts “rings” that sometimes occur after other cleaning processes right off the fabric.  Can be used on acetates. 

  • Sale!
    $16.99 $13.59

    AlbaChem VLR Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent 20 oz.

    AlbaChem Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent completely removes vinyl letters and residues from most fabrics. The Yorker spout allows for easy application minimizing waste. Highly effective and fast drying, Vinyl Letter Remover saves you time and money by dramatically reducing “seconds”.

    • Most powerful residue remover                                              
    • Great for removing tagless
    • Fast Drying                                                                              
    • Leaves no stains
    • Does not contain chlorinated solvents                            
    • Contains no California Prop 65 ingredients