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Micro Framing Devices

  • $3,499.00

    Micro Framer – Pneumatic, Laser-Guided Framing System

    Laser-Guided Technology Eliminates Human Error

    The easy-to-use Micro Framer™ features a pneumatic laser guide and a movable platen that, acting together, successfully take human error out of the embroidery framing equation. No more puckered fabrics, no more inconsistent placement of logos or text—you can expect a significant increase in speed and a far more efficient production process.

    Your order of the fully-automated hands-free Micro Framer™ includes a laser cross-hair for precision placement along with one embroidery frame head and one platen (adult or youth) of your choice. A base cabinet perfect for storage completes the unit. Custom accessories are available upon request.

    With a Micro Framer you can count on:

    • Hands-free framing
    • Accurate laser cross-hair alignment EVERY TIME!
    • Easy change of embroidery placement with a simple slide
    • Consistent taut framing on all fabric types
    • No more puckering and stretching of delicate fabrics
    • Improved production by a minimum of 30 percent
    • Enhanced efficiency and a reduction in staffing needs
    • Simply add text to pre-existing logo exactly where you want it
    • Reduced carpal tunnel issues for employees