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Product Feature: Heavy Weight Cap Backing

Heavy Weight Cap Backing: Your Secret Weapon For Cap Embroidery…

Hats off to heavy weight cap backing that delivers!

If you’re used to embroidering on flat surfaces, it can be intimidating to venture into the world of cap embroidery. But there’s nothing to fear! It only takes a few tools and a little know-how to create stunning hats worthy of you and your loved ones! If you have sports lovers in your life, it’s time to learn to embroider a cap like a pro!

So here’s your cap embroidery secret weapon: heavy weight cap backing.

Just like any other embroidered item, an embroidery stabilizer will go a long way to ensure the quality of your cap’s design.

A quality cap backing will be around 3.0 oz and will be tear-away rather than cut-away (it is difficult to cut backing inside of a hat…trust us!). Stick with a stiff stabilizer that’s specifically designed for caps. Heavyweight cap backing provides the structure you need to embroider while remaining flexible inside the hat.

If you want to embroider a high quality cap design, you should invest in is an embroidery frame designed to support a cap. Be sure to check on the size of the frame in reference to the cap-in-question.

Heavy Weight Cap Backing

As shown above, the curve of the cap visor should match the curvature of the cap frame. Try to minimize any gap between the cap and the frame. This will prevent bounce during embroidery that could ruin the quality of your design!

You may have heard that the packing cardboard that comes inside your hat will work just as well as an embroidery stabilizer. But don’t be fooled! Using this packing cardboard will dull your needle and leave debris in your machine’s hook assembly.

In the video below, we’ll share why quality cap backing is a big deal:

To recap, here are our essential tips for cap embroidery:


  1. Match the curvature of cap visor to the curvature of cap frame as closely as possible


  1. DO NOT use the cap’s packing cardboard as a substitute for a stabilizer!


  1. Invest in a heavyweight cap backing and cap frame specifically designed for this type of embroidery!


Now you’re ready to start embroidering caps like a pro!

Grab your Extra Heavy and Heavy Weight Cap Backing below!

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