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Shoe Clamps

The SHOE CLAMP series is single window specialty clamp designed especially for sewing on the sides of shoes. The clamps are built with high strength aluminum and are very heavy duty. The clamping pressure required to hold a stiff leather shoe while sewing over a machine sewing arm is extreme, and the SHOE CLAMP is up to the task. The sewing fields on a shoe are limited by shoe size, design location, and size of your embroidery machines sewing arm, but with the Hoop Tech SHOE CLAMP you can personalize soccer shoes, running shoes, gym shoes, slippers, UGG boots and many more hard to hold items.


The SHOE CLAMP is mounted directly to the machine drive bar (same as your cap driver), for a positive attachment. Machine specific adapters bolt to the clamp body and are used to attach and adjust the clamp to fit your embroidery machine. Hoop Tech makes adapter brackets for all major embroidery machine brands.


NOTE:  The Adapter Plate is included with the purchase of the shoe clamp.  Please specify your machine model and needle spacing on the Checkout Page in the Order Notes Box.

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Product dimension: 2.75" x 1.75"

Small Shoe Clamp

Product dimension: 3.5" X 1.75" window

Large Shoe Clamp

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