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Introducing… Robison-Anton Professional Embroidery Thread!

When your embroidery business steps up its game with a higher quality embroidery machine, you need to match the professional quality in your thread. That’s why we now offer Robison-Anton Super Brite polyester thread, top-of-the-line embroidery thread for home and commercial embroidery.

Robison-Anton Embroidery Thread

Originally created for commercial embroiderers,  Robison-Anton Super Brite Polyester embroidery thread offers superior sewability with fewer thread breaks. This makes it an excellent choice when you’re transitioning from a smaller embroidery machine to a larger one as your business expands.

Robison Anton Super Brite Polyester thread is colorfast and can withstand industrial laundering. Available in 5000 meters featuring “Snap Base” spools for easy thread storage.

Don’t stay in the stone-ages of thread when you have a machine from the 21st century. Make the jump to Robison-Anton thread to improve the overall quality of your embroidery business.

Are you interested in purchasing Robison-Anton thread for your embroidery business?

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Robison-Anton Embroidery Thread

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